About us

Five Star Pharmacy
We are a highly professional team of Pharmacists and Pharmacy technicians dedicated to provide excellent healthcare services to our local community. We provide our customers with the best choice of prescription medication needed to treat acute or chronic conditions in the most convenient way.

For over 25 years in the pharmacy business, we developed specialized services oriented to assist elderly patients or patients with limited ability to access conventional pharmacies.

We also provide the following services

Pick up your prescription from The Dr's office

Local same day delivery for the qualifying customers.

Bubble packing the monthly amount of all your medications and arranging it conveniently for exact daily intake.

Pharmacy consulting, including preauthorization service.

Assistance for qualifying patients in reducing their co pay with expert financial hardship letters

At Five Star Pharmacy, we believe the patient comes first. Feel free contact us for any advice, information or any other assistance as needed.

* pre-authorization service- we will do our best to qualify our patients for the medication prescribed by the Physician even if the patient's insurance does not provide coverage of his medication.